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Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall plays the role of Simon and Robyn Callum in the mystery movie The Gift 2015. On you can watch online this movie for free or you can download kickass torrents of The Gift also for free.
Gordo first drops off a bottle of wine on the couple’s doorstep as a welcoming gift. He later shows up while Simon is at work. Robyn invites him in, and takes him on a tour of the house. In one room, they find a large toy monkey, and Robyn tells Gordo that Simon has a fobia of monkeys. Robyn invites Gordo to stay for dinner. When Simon joins them, Gordo tells Robyn about how Simon used to have a campaign for class president and using “Simon Says” as his slogan, and it would get him anything he wanted. A little too drunk from wine, Gordo makes a comment that “Simon Says…” applies to all the nice things Simon has in his life (great home, beautiful wife, nice job, etc.) which makes the couple a bit uncomfortable.
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