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Matt Damon plays the role of Mark Watney alongside Jessica Chastain as Melissa Lewis in the 2015 movie The Martian. On yify tv you can download free torrents of this movie or you can watch online The Martian at a great quality also for free.
The crew learns that a storm is approaching. The storm’s intensity and high winds lead Commander Lewis to order a mission abort. Watney argues for waiting it out and brings up the rear as the crew heads toward the MAV (Mars Ascent Vehicle), the ship that will take them back to the orbiting Hermes, in their suits. Heavy winds and sand gusts surround them. A satellite dish breaks off and strikes Watney, knocking him out of sight of the rest of the crew. Lewis tries to guide the others to find Watney, but visibility is very poor and the storm is way too strong for them. They head back into the MAV without Watney and lift off. The pilot, Martinez, is barely able to keep the rocket from tipping over.
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