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What We Do in the Shadows Download Torrent

From the director, writer and star Jemaine Clement here comes a new movie of 2015 What We Do in the Shadows, a fantasy movie. On yify tv you can watch online this movie at a good quality or you can download kickass torrents of What We Do in the Shadows 2015.
The movie tells the daily lifeerrunlife of flatmate vampires Viago, Vladislav, Deacon and Petyr in New Zealand. Viago is the 16th century vampire, aristocratic and bossy often times. Vladislav is the medieval vampire, a noble vampire but also the most ruthless killer of them. Deacon is the youngest changed vampire from the World War II era, often acting out living like a bum in the flat. The last of them, Petyr, is the oldest of them, aging about 8000 years old. They live their everyday lives n the flat, still influenced by the cultures from their own times. The trio Viago, Vladislav and Deacon sometimes go out to the town and hang out. Deacon has a human familiar Jackie who does most of the blood cleaning related housework in the flat. She also lure in victims for the vampires. Deacon has promised vampirehood to Jackie but hasnt turned her yet. One night Jackie brings a couple Nick and Josephine as victims. Nick gets his blood drained by Petyr but he also turns him into a vampire. And then there were four. Nick brings in new cultural color to the group. Soon He brings his friend Stu, an IT guy, to the group. Stu introduces the modern information technology to the group and becomes a good friend to them. For this, and because hes Nicks best friend, the group form a pact not to eat Stu.
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